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Environmentally Conscious







Imagine standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. With your eyes gently shut, you feel an energetic vibration from the waves transporting you back in time. You behold eons of volcanic activity from your mind’s eye, breathing life into the island where you stand. You notice that the water and land are not in a battle for supremacy. Instead, they are engaged in an eternal rhythm, the rhythm of creation. You open your eyes and wipe the sea-salted spray from your porous and delicate skin. This organic entanglement is Vaihea, the “misty water” that connects you to the Earth and sea.

Polynesians have inhabited archipelagos like these for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. They have a deep respect for the natural world and maintain their connection through ritual and the use of the raw materials found on their islands.

Vaihea’s mission is to unleash the potential hidden in these raw materials. We have combined science with that which the Polynesians have always known: their exotic Polynesian botanicals have power beyond our understanding. Vaihea has harnessed the power of these Polynesian botanicals to create a skincare line that works.

So, why not start your day by waking up to the misty waters of the islands throughout Polynesia? It will connect you to your daily skincare routine like never before. You will feel as though you are standing on that cliff edge, overlooking a vast and dynamic ocean. You won’t know the exact location, but it’s somewhere between spirituality and practicality, between ritual and the real.

And somewhere between it all, therein lies luxury. Therein lies Vaihea.


This luxurious SPF serum gives excellent UVA and UVB protection at the same time as protecting skin against free radicals and pollution. It glides onto the skin like silk and leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished, with no ghosting whatsoever. Best layered over skincare and before makeup.

I’m also impressed by this brand’s commitment to sourcing ethical and sustainable products as well as their circular model for packaging.

Emma Freeman

I love that these drops aren’t greasy at all yet they don’t leave your skin feeling super matte. They also sit great under makeup which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

It’s also great to see the brand value transparency about ingredients and manufacturing processes as well as putting thought into the lifecycle of their products.

Ash Quinn

This is such a wonderfully innovative product! These gorgeous SPF drops are so easy to apply and leave my skin feeling soft and nourished. I wear sunscreen every day and really appreciate a great face spf option which acts as a perfect primer under makeup and isn’t greasy! I’m impressed the brand is offering refills for their products and I look forward to when there is a refill for this one too!

Emily Fletcher

This product is BOMB!!! I even took before and after pics because I wanted to see the results of these products. I usually have to get a chemical peel treatment for this glow and it's already fading away my blemishes. Super impressed!


The Peel is just incredible! I can't even believe how this helped me fade my age spots that even dark spot treatments have never been able to impact. I'm on my 2nd pack and love the results it gives me.