What does this mean?

This means that Vaihea Skincare is committed to high-quality, clean beauty products that are vegan, meet the Clean at Sephora standards, and have sustainable and recyclable packaging.

We believe in a world where beauty is inclusive, ethical, and sustainable.

Vaihea has the power to make this a reality.

Sustainable packaging for cosmetics

Vaihea Skincare goes beyond solely sourcing our ingredients ethically and prioritizes sustainable packaging for cosmetics.

We take responsibility for our products’ environmental impact by using sustainable resources for all our packaging, including refillable bottles and eco-conscious shippers.

We embrace the use of Polynesian botanicals

Informed by their traditional use, the Polynesian botanicals used in our products have been selected from those known to have been used medicinally for centuries and that are integral to Polynesian tradition.

Our steadfast dedication to the indigenous communities who cultivate and harvest Polynesian botanicals is at the heart of Vaihea Skincare’s  “First, Clean Beauty”  directive.

Made to Clean at Sephora standards

Meeting the Clean at Sephora Standards is a comprehensive and meticulous process that requires significant effort and attention to detail.

Our commitment to this program means our products are entirely free from harmful ingredients, including sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

This badge of honor reinforces our commitment to elevating skincare standards and proves that Vaihea Skincare is willing to meet the most rigorous standards to uphold our “First, Clean Beauty” initiative.

Because of this dedication, we are proudly recognized by one of the world’s most prominent beauty brand ambassadors and join an elite class of skincare brands on the world stage.

Vegan skin care products

We proudly offer vegan skincare products free from any animal-derived ingredients.

To honor Polynesian culture’s close relationship with our planet, we’ve made these conscious decisions to prevent any unethical treatment of animals and mitigate animal agriculture’s impact on the environment.

Instead, we give you ethically sourced Polynesian botanicals to make your skin radiant.

At Vaihea, we believe in transparency

We believe elevating skincare standards means our customers can make informed decisions about their skincare products. That’s why our website is filled with useful information to help guide your ethical and sustainable skincare journey with Vaihea.