Are your products tested on animals and do they contain any ingredients that come from animals?

We only sell vegan skincare products and are a member of PETA-approved brands. When we use an ingredient that typically comes from an animal source, we find an animal-friendly supply instead. For instance our squalane comes from sugar cane and not sharks. None of our products are tested on animals, which is why all the items in our range proudly display the approved by PETA symbol. You can see our certification by PETA here.

You make some scientific claims about the Polynesian ingredients in your products. How do I know they work?

We only include a Polynesian Botanical, and its extract, in our products if there is peer-reviewed scientific evidence that demonstrates its efficacy. Each ingredient must be signed off by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Nial Wheate, before it finds its way into one of our products.

I really care about the environment and don’t want to create more landfill and waste. Is the Vaihea packaging recyclable?

Being sustainable and clean is a core principle for us at Vaihea. All of our packaging is recyclable. Our carboard packaging is fully recyclable. The glass in our bottles is recyclable and not only is the plastic in our packaging recyclable we only use polypropylene plastic in our products, because it is the cleanest and most recyclable plastic available. For our emulsion product we sell replacement inserts so you can reduce the amount of packaging you need to throw out.

Is your Clean SPF Drops product approved by the US FDA?

Yes, our sunscreen formulation has been reviewed and approved by the US FDA.

I know that some sunscreen brands contain nanoparticles. Does Vaihea sunscreen use nanoparticles?

We do not use nanoparticles in our sunscreens. Our Clean SPF drops contain a non-nano formulation of zinc oxide.

Do Vaihea products meet the Clean at Sephora standards?

Yes, all products in our line meet the Clean at Sephora standard. This means we don’t include any of the banned chemicals that are thought to be unsafe and not sustainable. The Clean at Sephora standard can be found here.

Can I buy your products in stores?

Unfortunately, we are not available in stores just yet; but believe us, we are working on getting our products in stores soon. Until then, all of Vaihea’s products can be bought through our online store here. Vaihea offers free shipping for all orders over $100.

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